The 2nd week of the EMABG Welcome Course really flew by!

The second week of the EMABG Welcome Course started off with an introduction to finding literature and a presentation of library services and lab facilities at UGOE. On Tuesday students attended a session on intercultural competencies, including the building of bridges, finding out about personal comfort zones and ways to overcome culture shock. On Wednesday the focus was on writing scientific and translingual texts, whereas the emphasis on Thursday was on academic careers and working in Europe.The Welcome Course concluded with a visit to Lehr- und Forschungsgut Ruthe and valuable practical insights into livestock keeping in Germany.

Many thanks to all UGOE speakers, to Ruthe Research Station and of course to all EMABG students for their energy, active participation and cooperation. We wish you all the best for the start of your studies at WUR and UGOE!


EMABG group photo 2019 intakeEMABG Central Office
We are happy to present our EMABG alumni from the 2019 intake. 20 students from 14 different countries finished their EMABG studies this year. The graduation ceremony was held in Vienna on June 30th 2021.
We are happy to present our EMABG programme representatives team: Hiba Qasir, Charlotte Cuffe and Yosef Abitew! Programme representatives (PRs) are “ambassadors” of EMJMD programmes.
Picture by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay
For everyone interested in handling SNP genotype data (beginner friendly), EMABG coordinator Gábor Mészáros has launched a Genomics Boot Camp book and YouTube channel.