Training experts of tomorrow

EMABG offers a well-structured study programme that is unique in the possibilities of specialisation. The specialisations correspond with the strengths of the respective universities both in teaching and research. Those specialisations focus on the main areas of modern breeding research and will provide students with excellent knowledge and relevant skills for successfully targeting the cutting edge questions of breeding research as young scientists. Those young scientists will graduate as specialised experts with a broad, interdisciplinary and international background. Graduates with those properties will become the elite breeding experts and scientists of tomorrow who will be able to take advantage of the network of EMABG universities. Thus, the strong existing relationship between EMABG universities will be sustained, advanced and improved by the next generation.

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Specialisation and interdisciplinarity

The already highly competitive field of animal breeding will profit from these young professionals who will be thoroughly trained in the many specialised fields that are open for breeders. Thanks to the structure of EMABG, the focus and contents of its specialised education offer clear profiles to both students and possible employers. This kind of profile is new in European breeding higher education. Also, the interdisciplinary methodological contributions will produce alumni of an as yet highly uncommon combination of knowledge and skills in graduates, which will contribute to their employability, and in the future will help raise synergies between animal and plant breeding. The training of master’s students, who are highly specialised in animal breeding and genetics, meets an existing demand for such experts in the breeding industry.

International perspectives

The EMABG provides students ready to work for breeding organisations and research. The course structure is adapted to a European perspective of the demands of society. This means that students will be ready to work for European animal breeding organisations, which are the world leaders with global market shares of up to 90%. Furthermore, EMABG teaches students about the development of sustainable farm animal breeding. Graduates generally find positions in and outside Europe, in training, research or development in a wide range of organisations related to animal breeding and genetics.

Last updated: 21.11.2019