Paris is the capital city of France and is located in the North of the country. Paris is the European Union’s fifth largest city, having more than 2,2 million inhabitants and is also considered the most densely populated city in Europe. It is the political, economic and cultural centre of France and well connected to other major European cities via air, train and bus traffic.

Paris is known as the “City of Love” and boasts attractions such as the world-famous Tour Eiffel, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triophe de l’Etoile among many many others. The river Seine separates the city into two unequal parts with a number of islands in between.

To find out more about Paris, visit the city’s official website (in French) or the official website of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.


AgroParisTech is an institute of higher education and research (“Grande Ecole”) that aims to address some of the most pressing challenges of our century: sustainable food provision, preservation of natural resources as well as support and integration of bioeconomy. Research and education at APT addresses the fields of agronomic sciences and technologies, forestry, life sciences, food technology, biotechnologies, environment, health, management of natural resources among others. It was founded in 2007 by three engineering grandes ecoles and since then has developed alliances with other major French institutions. It hosts 2,000 students, of which 20% are international students. In addition, it has 142 partnerships with foreign universities in 47 countries.

APT is organised in 24 joint research units, 5 departments and 8 campuses (4 in Paris and the greater Paris area). In 2018 it ranked among the top 10 universities in the field of “Agriculture and Forestry” in the QS World University Ranking.

APT’s Direction des Relations Internationales provides information for international students.


Finding accommodation in Paris has its challenges. Opportunities for student accommodation include dormitories, on-campus residences, shared flats or private flats. Monthly rental costs range from € 450 to € 800. AgroParisTech can provide assistance in finding accommodation for international students but be sure to arrange accommodation well in advance. For more details, visit APT’s information on accommodation for international students.

Residence Permit/Visa and Registration

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After entering France, visa must be validated within 3 months of arriving. EU/EEA citizens do not need to register their residence in France.


Paris is located in the moderate climate zone influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures reach an average of 18 °C in summer and around 3.5 °C in winter. Rainfall is well distributed over the year but slightly less frequent in summer.


Getting around by bus, trams trains or metro is quite easy in Paris. Paris Metro has 14 lines and operates until 1 am during the week and 2 am on the weekend with night buses that take over afterwards. Students can get discounts on public transport. For more information, maps and timetables for public transportation, visit RATP.
Paris also offers self-service bicycle rental or scooters that can be rented via smartphone. Find out more at Campus France.

Living expenses

Paris is a considerably expensive city. As anywhere, living expenses are higher in Paris than in other parts of France. Students can expect to spend about € 1,100 per month. Find out about the approximate costs for a study year in Paris.

Estimated monthly expenses:
Accommodation: € 450
Food: € 400
Transportation: € 25
Telecommunication: € 25
Other: € 150

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Academic Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Academic Coordinator

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Last updated: 18.02.2021