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Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city. It has 185,000 inhabitants, of which 35,000 are students. Uppsala offers picturesque countryside on the one hand and the amenities of a bustling city on the other hand, with cultural and commercial activities, cafés, shops and a newly constructed concert hall. The river Fyrisån runs through downtown Uppsala and serves as an orientation landmark. Stockholm is just a forty-minute train ride away.

Stroll along the banks of Fyrisån river and visit Uppsala’s 13th century cathedral or even older Viking monuments of Gamla Uppsala. Fjällnora Recreation Area, the Botanical Garden, Uppsala’s City Garden, a tropical greenhouse offer opportunities for relaxation in green surroundings.

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is a young university. It was founded in 1977 out of agricultural, forestry and veterinary colleges and schools. It focuses on research, education as well as environmental monitoring and assessment in the field of clean water, living landscapes, sustainable food production, high standards of animal welfare, sustainable cities and renewable environmental material. SLU offers around 40 degree programmes in natural sciences, social sciences, technologies and the humanities. It is a member of three international educational networks and collaborates internationally within a number of international platforms for research and environmental assessment.

SLU has 34 departments and units that are organised in four faculties. The university ranked as third best university in the field of “Agriculture and Forestry” and was on rank 22 in the field of “Veterinary Medicine” in the QS Ranking and among the top 10 institutions in forestry, soil science, biodiversity conservation and veterinary sciences in the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).

SLU Campus in Uppsala is located in Ultuna, about six kilometres south of downtown Uppsala. It can be reached via a 20 minutes’ bicycle ride. Uppsala campus is spacious, green and picturesque. Due to the fact that two universities are located in Uppsala, students can immerse themselves in a lively and stimulating environment. Find out more about Uppsala campus.

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Accommodation in Uppsala can be costly. Students can stay in dormitories, shared flats or private apartments. Put your name on the lists well in advance. SLU provides further information on accommodation in Uppsala.

Residence Permit/Visa and Registration

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People who are planning to live in Sweden for a year or longer, need to register in the Swedish Population Register. To do so, visit Sweden’s Tax Agency offices (servicekontor). Find out more about the process of registration and necessary documents.

Immigration procedures differ for students depending on their country of origin.

Students from EU/EEA Countries

Students from Non-European countries

  • Students who have a residence permit for studies in higher education in another EU country and who are studying in a Union programme or a multilateral programme that includes mobility measures, can live in Sweden for a period of no more than 360 days. The same is true for students of a programme covered by an agreement between two or more universities. Find more information on the homepage of the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • These students have to:
    • notify the Swedish Migration Agency BEFORE coming to Sweden
    • fill in the form that is linked on the website “Notification of stay in Sweden for studies in higher education”
    • There is no fee involved in this.
    • Attach all necessary documents, including a certificate that you will study in Sweden, issued by the Swedish university, your insurance confirmation and your scholarship acceptance letter, together with account statements that show your scholarship receipts


Uppsala has a humid continental climate with considerably cold winters and warm summers. July is the warmest month with an average of 16 °C, while the average temperature in winter is -4 °C. Throughout the year there is a significant amount of rainfall. Snow occurs between November and March.


Cycling is the most popular means of transportation for students in Uppsala. It takes about half an hour to reach SLU from downtown Uppsala. In addition, Uppsala is connected to the Swedish transport system via city buses, regional buses, trains and commuter trains. 30-day student tickets are available. For information on prices and schedules visit UL.

Living expenses

Sweden is considered a relatively expensive country. Students will need to spend about SEK 8,000 and 9,000 a month. Find out more about the cost of living in Sweden.

Estimated monthly expenses:
Accomodation SEK 4070
Food: SEK 2000
Transportation: SEK 550
Telecommunication: SEK 300
Other: SEK 1450

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