Stomach pains, toothache, mental problems? Go see a doctor! You are covered abroad by your international health insurance policy. However, not all treatments are covered.
To make sure your treatment costs are covered, we recommend informing yourself prior to any treatment about the provided services and exclusions of benefits under your insurance policy. -> see document “Emergency Information

Comprehensive insurance

All EMABG scholarship holders will be insured comprehensively by Dr. Walter GmbH Insurance Brokers or (starting from intake 2022) by Expat&Co with a combination of overseas health insurance, personal liability insurance, accident insurance, assistance insurance and baggage insurance in accordance with the EACEA’s minimum requirements.

For information on the PROTRIP-WORLD PLUS scheme by Dr. Walter, please visit Dr. Walter GmbH.
For information on the insurance by Expat&Co, please visit Expat&Co.

What to do in case of visiting a doctor:

  1. Contact Dr. Walter: +49(0)2247 9194-31/international(at) or Expat&Co: +32 (0)2 463 04 04/claims(at) and tell them about your illness.
    They will tell you which treatments are covered.
  2. Make an appointment at the doctor’s and mention that you are insured under Dr. Walter or Expat&Co insurance.
  3. Bring your insurance confirmation (printed or digital).
  4. Paying the invoices:
    a) In most cases, you will have to make an advance payment.
    Keep the original invoices.
    Forward them to the insurance company for reimbursement (use the form uploaded under “Travel Health Insurance”).

    b) In some cases of inpatient treatment at a hospital or clinic, they will cover the costs immediately.
    Dr. Walter can directly cover invoices higher than 500 USD, if requested.

Relevant Info & Forms

24-hour emergency help line worldwide (without USA/Canada)

+49 (0) 89 55 987 – 641

24-hour emergency help line worldwide (incl. USA/Canada)

1-954-308-39 23

Claims department in case of illness

+49 (0) 2247 9194-31



Relevant Info & Forms

Alarm centre (please only contact in case of out of hours hospital admission)

+32 (0)2 463 04 04

24-hour emergency help line worldwide (incl. USA)


Claims department in case of illness

+32 (0)2 463 04 04



Last updated: 28.04.2022