Photos of three EMABG Student Representatives


EMABG Programme Representation

We are happy to present our EMABG programme representatives team: Hiba Qasir, Charlotte Cuffe and Yosef Abitew! The team will be led by Hiba, who is currently studying at NMBU in her second year. Charlotte and Yosef are both studying at WUR at the moment. Programme representatives (PRs) are “ambassadors” of EMJMD programmes and work on tasks related to promotion, networking, assistance for new students, etc. They are in close contact with other PRs and also facilitate the exchange across EMJMDs. The EMABG programme representation will soon be published on


Photo of EMABG student intake 2021-2023EMABG Central Office
We are happy to present our EMABG alumni from the 2021 intake. 17 students from 15 different countries finished their EMABG studies this year (or are in the final finishing steps). Congratulations to everyone!
SEASON’S GREETINGS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and ALL THE BEST for 2023 from the EMABG. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the new year. The EMABG Central Office will be back on January 4th 2023.
illustration of airplane flying around globeLinneaRoos_Ultunesaren
We are happy to share this article on EMJMDs written by EMABG student Bernadett Hegedues, who is currently studying at SLU. The article was published in the Student Union's magazine "Ultunesaren".