The selection results for EMABG scholarships have been announced and applications for EMABG scholarships are not possible anymore!

If you want to join the EMABG as a self-paying student (or funded by third parties) you can still apply. Information on the participation costs for the EMABG can be found here. Please send an e-mail to the EMABG central office as soon as possible to inform us that you are interested.

Please note the following deadlines for the respective nationalities and depending on first year university:

Note: The stated deadlines are the dates when your documents need to be in the first year university’s system. You have to submit your complete application documents to the EMABG Consortium at least three weeks before theses dates.

Study start at University of Goettingen (UGOE)

EU nationals: June 1st 2020
non-EU nationals who do not need an entry visa for Germany: June 1st 2020
non-EU nationals who need an entry visa for Germany: application is not possible anymore
Overview of visa requirements/excemptions for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany

Your documents need to be submitted in English (or German) with official translations where applicable.

Study start at Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

EU nationals: May 1st 2020
non-EU nationals: April 15th 2020

Your documents need to be submitted in Dutch, English or with a certified English translation.


EMABG group photo 2019 intakeEMABG Central Office
We are happy to present our EMABG alumni from the 2019 intake. 20 students from 14 different countries finished their EMABG studies this year. The graduation ceremony was held in Vienna on June 30th 2021.
We are happy to present our EMABG programme representatives team: Hiba Qasir, Charlotte Cuffe and Yosef Abitew! Programme representatives (PRs) are “ambassadors” of EMJMD programmes.
Picture by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay
For everyone interested in handling SNP genotype data (beginner friendly), EMABG coordinator Gábor Mészáros has launched a Genomics Boot Camp book and YouTube channel.